Sustainable garden design and installations in
the Ottawa area, that you will love for years to come!

Landscaping Services


Gardening is our passion, our life, our love, and the reason we rise so insanely early during the landscape season. Through gardening we reduce climate change, increase biodiversity and enrich lives via nature! 



As mentioned in the “Our Process” section of our website, a design of some sort is almost always necessary. A professionally created landscape design acts as a communication tool between the contractor and the homeowner.

When a professional design is in place the homeowner knows exactly what to expect and the contractor knows exactly what is to be installed. With a design in place, both parties are sure to benefit as it eliminates any guess work.


Garden installations

We specialize in sustainable landscapes. Rain gardens that harvest rain water and planted with native species, to pollinator gardens that attract birds, bees, butterflies & beneficial insects, we’ve got you covered. We offer vegetable garden beds, and seasonal container planting with edible & ornamental plant material. Gutter gardening with shallow rooted plant material. Xeriscapes, Zen garden creation, woodland, shade,wildflower & rock gardens. If it’s garden related, chances are we can help!

Garden-maintenanceGarden maintenance

A variety of different maintenance tasks are offered throughout spring, summer and fall.

Such tasks as spring and fall clean-up which may include perennial cut backs in both spring and fall. Leaf and perennial mulching, weed removal, bed edging and mulching. Pruning evergreens in fall prevents damage from Ottawa’s inevitable snow load. We also prune small to medium trees and shrubs at the appropriate time of year to maximize their health and lifespan.

If you’re unfamiliar with traditional horticultural practices, that’s okay! We can create an outdoor space that is relaxing and adds value to your Ottawa area home. No one is born with a green thumb, it is earned. Trust us, we can help!

Green Services

Seeding-and-soddingSeeding and sodding

We can seed your lawn with various grass seed varieties or clover depending on your taste. If you’re looking for an instant green lawn then Kentucky Blue Grass sod is probably the answer for you. No time to water your new lawn? Natural Impressions can help co-ordinate the installation of an irrigation system with a trusted, professional irrigation company here in Ottawa.


Not only does mulch provide attractive ground cover in beds and planters, it also prevents water loss from evaporation and discourages weed growth. It helps create the ideal conditions to establish new landscaping plants and protect their roots. Some mulches aid in soil rejuvenation by increasing the levels of organic matter. Ask us about our favourite mulch, Composted Pine Mulch, or CPM for short.

TreeRemovalSmall to medium tree removal

We are certified to operate chainsaws on a job site. We can remove small to medium size trees if they are in a safe location. If the tree is in an unsafe place, or in bad condition, we can refer you to a certified ISA arborist. We never take risks when it comes to safety around trees. We promote growing trees, not removing them, but understand that some trees have to go for various reasons. 


Pruning of your trees and shrubs is paramount to ensure the health of the specimen over its lifespan. We prune small to medium trees and shrubs at the appropriate time of year. Incorrect pruning methods can cause serious and permanent damage to the specimen and potentially even kill it. As mentioned in the garden maintenance section earlier, pruning evergreens in fall prevents damage from Ottawa’s inevitable snow load.


When combined with a garden/landscape project we’ll install natural flagstone pathways, patios, stepping stones and other features to accentuate your home and landscape. We prefer to leave interlocking stone work to other companies while we focus strictly on natural stone installations.

Natural stone garden beds

A professionally-designed and installed natural stone raised vegetable bed is an investment that will enhance your landscape and add value to your home.  Natural stone vegetable gardens ensure you are not consuming any harmful chemicals that you would typically find in a veggie garden constructed of cinder blocks and other toxic building products.


Never replace rotting wood again, and don’t panic, its organic! And of course we can create them for ornamental landscape plants as well.

Flagstone installations

While our primary focus remains on gardens and softscaping, we are fully equipped to design and create breathtaking flagstone installations. Furthermore, we’re Canadian. We know that any flagstone installations we create in your yard have to be built to survive the unpredictable Ottawa winters.Our flagstone installations are built to last! 


We uphold the highest level of standards in our hardscape construction and build to last!

Landscape maintenance is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. It can be time consuming, tedious, and full of pitfalls for the uninitiated. Luckily, we’re here to help. You reap the benefits, we do all of the painful parts.

Repairs-to-hardscapingGarden inspections

We’re more than happy to visit you at your home, or a family members home to discuss potential landscaping needs. We can offer you guidance on many different landscape and garden tasks such as pruning and garden rejuvenation. Just give us a call and we’ll book you in for a consult.


Weeding and edging

Weeding and edging regularly can keep your garden and lawn looking neat and tidy. We can edge your garden to keep weeds and the lawn from encroaching on your flower bed. We have the right tools and care products to do the job neatly, and naturally.


Spring and fall cleanup

We will protect the investment you’ve made in a new lawn or landscape, and ensure you continue to see returns in the form of a beautiful, thriving yard season after season. To see those returns, your yard has to be properly shut down in the Fall, and opened back up at the right time in the Spring. We’re here to help.

Leaf-collection-and-removalLeaf collection

We know you get tons of leaves in the Ottawa area , and we’re ready to deal with them. We blow, rake, bag or remove the leaves upon request. We recommend mulching at least some leaves and blowing them onto the garden or the lawn. They make excellent mulch and organic fertilizer. Mulching on site saves you the labour and disposal fees.