Sustainable garden design and installations in
the Ottawa area, that you will love for years to come!

Our Process

Our 5 Step Process for Landscaping Your Space

We believe in doing each job preferably from the onset.  We also believe our landscaping customers should know what to expect.

Initial Contact

Initial-Contact1Don’t be shy! We can be reached Monday through Friday via telephone or email all year round.

Please feel free to leave us a detailed message on our voice mail, or e-mail us with your name, number etc. From here we can get back to you and we can discuss your needs and set up a date and time to meet for a consultation and estimate, or put you in touch with one of our designers.



Natural Impressions offers consultation services that can help you out in a variety of ways. A walk through of your property can help address any problematic areas that may need attention that you may not have noticed before. We can also make suggestions on landscape design ideas that suit your taste and evaluate your existing plant material.

We encourage you to ask questions and take notes during the consult so that you can refer to them later on. Consultations can lead to further design services, or help guide you on your way if you’re planning to do any work yourself.


DesignA design of some sort is always necessary. Whether it is a concept plan for a smaller less complex project or a full scale design for a larger more challenging project, our professional landscape designers/architects can handle anything that comes their way.

Not all projects turn out exactly as the landscape design initially portrayed. For instance, at the time of plant material purchase, a specific plant may be out of stock for the season. Therefore substitutes will be suggested for the plant and further implemented upon client approval. Occasionally, changes are made throughout the construction process to compliment the project, or to accommodate the client’s needs. If necessary, we simply fill out a change order form and make any changes to suit.

Physical Creation

Physical-CreationThis is where we physically create your personal oasis. Project construction takes place and you start seeing results of your new landscape. This is when you can sit back and have an adult beverage if you wish, and start getting really excited of what’s to come next.

Upon Completion

 Upon-CompletionA final project walk through is mandatory to ensure the client understands what care is needed for their new landscape. Determining who is going to take care of the project’s general maintenance is paramount. I have yet to see a landscape that is 100% maintenance free. Garden maintenance visits can be arranged upon request. Please feel free to inquire about any of the services that we offer or may not have listed on the website.

We can be reached by telephone: 613 513 6534 or via e-mail: or even via the Twitter @Naturalscaping