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Spring Landscaping Suggestions

Spring Landscaping Suggestions

With Spring just around the corner all the green thumb’s in Ottawa are anxiously awaiting the 2011 gardening season. I personally can’t wait to get back out there and start doing what I do best, beautifying properties. When a lot of people think Spring they think warmer weather, no snow and sunny days ahead. Others think Spring cleaning of the house and some think of Spring cleaning in the yard. For those of you who think of cleaning up your property I have a few suggestions for you.

If you didn’t do a fall cleanup last year and you have deciduous trees in your yard then you will most likely have tree leaves all over the place. I would be more then happy to come out and do a Spring clean up for you on your property. The trouble with leaf collection in early Spring is that the leaves are very wet and matted down from the snow. If you want them gone during early Spring and plan to do the work yourself then I suggest using a stiff fan rake to clean them up v.s. a leaf blower. The fan rake will do a much better job at getting the leaves that are matted down out of your grass where as the leaf blower usually only gets the top layer of the foliage. If you wait until late Spring then you are usually safe to use a leaf blower.

Another advantage of using a quality stiff fan rake is that it helps to take all the dead thatch out of your lawn when you rake up your leaves. Thus creating a healthier and thicker lawn come Summer. For those of you that don’t know, thatch, or dead thatch as some people refer to it, is the dead looking grass in your lawn that can usually be easily pulled out in Spring. When the thatch is removed it creates a much nicer looking lawn as well.

Spring is also a great time to aerate your lawn and allow oxygen to flow through your soil and to the grasses root system again. Aerating is a simple process that can be done with hand tools or by machine. Essentially what you are trying to achieve is a lawn full of several holes when aerating. The holes will allow the grasses root system to better acquire water, nutrients and air that are necessary for strong growth. Some people like to top dress their lawn with fresh topsoil and reseed at this time as well. This whole process is known as “Aerate, Top dress, Over seed” and is highly recommended in the Spring for strong growth all summer long.

I could rant and rave all day long about things to do in Spring to ensure a beautiful landscape but I’ll spare you for now. These steps are usually a great start to a healthy lawn. After this is done then you can move into the garden beds and see what’s popping up.

If you think you would like Natural Impressions to perform any Spring clean up services on your property then contact us today to ensure a spot before we are fully booked. Ask about our “same street” or “neighborhood specials”.

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Make sure to check back to our website regularly for new gardening tips and landscape blogs. Watch for my informative video blogs coming this summer as well.

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Andrew Burgess

Natural Impressions Landscaping

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